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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Typical Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches Introduction

are three generally accepted speeches usual to a wedding reception they
are, bride's father's speech, the bridegroom's speech and lastly the
best man's speech. No further speeches are required although other
speeches are permissible; it is not unusual for example for the
bridegroom's father to give a short speech of thanks to the host and
hostess for the occasion, or the bride to have a "best woman" give a

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Wedding Speeches Introduction

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Monday, July 17, 2006

What not to do when giving a wedding toast!!

If you're still not sure what to say when giving your wedding speech or toast, let me just give you some examles of what NOT to say!!

Tacky Toasts Jun-Dec 2004 Update

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10 Speech Preparation and Delivery Tips

Should you decide to write your own wedding toast or persuasive speech, here are a number of ideas which may be useful in the preparation.

1. Keep it brief!
2. Begin you speech with cinfidence and enthusiasm.
3. Memorize the first three sentences.
4. Try not to read your speech.
5. Develop a theme
6. Don't try to be someone your not.
7. Use descriptive language
8. Have a solid and memorable conclusion
9. Research.
10. Use appropriate infelction in your voice

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Speeches & Toasts - Wedding Toasts, Wedding Poems, Persuasive Speeches, Best Man Speeches

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Great Tip For Writing Your Wedding Speech

The best man can look forward to having to make two speeches in support of the groom.  The first is usually at the bachelor party and the second at the wedding reception.

The wedding reception speech is the most important of the two, as its made to a large audience of guests, attendants, and the parents of the bride and groom.

Read the rest of the article here
writing your wedding speech

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Common Sense Tips for Public Speaking

Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep handy when you’re just
starting out in public speaking. These aren’t anything out of the
ordinary and for the most part the points below are really common
sense. The idea here is that too often we forget common sense when
we’re overtaken by anxiety, social phobia and fear of public speaking.
That’s a reality for a lot of people who are just starting to speak in
front of an audience and it’s also a reality for more seasoned speakers
who still find it challenging to overcome their fear of public speaking
and stage fright.

Once again, these points are common sense, but you’ll still get a lot out of reviewing them:

1. Learn from people who have gone through the same experience.

2. Use sentences and techniques that have been tested.
• Some structures are known to work better than others. Rely on what works!

3. Practice a lot!
• This point can never be stressed enough.

4. Practice in front of a mirror.
• Learn to integrate your own body language style to your words.

5. Record yourself and listen to your pronunciation.
• This is an excellent way to speak with clarity.

6. Make sure you know your subject inside out.
• Your audience will respect you if you are an expert and know what you’re talking about.

7. Let the audience know upfront that public speaking is not easy for you.
• Some speakers may disagree with this, but many have embraced this idea.
It might be more practical to use this technique in front of smaller
audiences – this works particularly well if you have to present a
wedding speech, as the audience is smaller and more forgiving. When you
are drawing crowds of several thousands listeners, they expect you to
be a top speaker.

8. Know your stage.
• You’ll want to visit the podium (and the room) before you speak to make sure you know
where to step and what to avoid. If anything is unsafe on that podium,
you want to know about it before hand and not risk being embarrassed on stage.

9. Know your technology before you deliver your speech.
• You should always test your visual aids and microphones before you deliver your speech.

10. Hire a specialist to take care of all technical considerations.
• If you’re microphone doesn’t work, you don’t want to be caught on stage
trying to fix your own technical problems. Hire experts who can do it
quickly. You should only have one focus – your audience.

11. Have handouts prepared just in case your visual aid doesn’t work.
• For obvious reasons, you should check your Power Point presentation
many times to ensure that it works perfectly and there are no technical
glitches. But sometimes, the best intentions are just not enough.
Always have photocopies of the handouts that can be quickly distributed
in case anything goes wrong.

12. Don’t forget to interact withthe audience. This will not only make it more interesting for the
audience, but it will ease the pressure off of you.
• If by any wild chance you get a question or comment that you
cannot answer, simply be honest about it and let the audience member in
question know that if they want to contact you directly you can try to
get them an answer. If that question is really important to that
audience member, he/she will take you up on your offer. If the question
was not that important, you won’t need to worry yourself much because
the audience member will not purpose matters any further.

Copyright © Brain Candy Factory. This article is published by Emily Sanders, associate publisher for
This site is dedicated to providing new speakers and fearful speakers
with quality information to help them improve their public speaking
skills. To sign-up for our free e-course, click here

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Quick Wedding Speech Outline

Here's a great article that give a nice basic outline for your wedding speech.

Wedding Speeches: A Quick Outline
By Tom Antion

Wedding speeches are reserved for the most important members of the wedding party and closest family and friends.

If you are one of the ones expected or asked to do a wedding speech, then preparing is a must. Winging it just won’t cut it especially when your wedding speech will be on video from now until eternity.

Wedding speeches should not last more than three or four minutes. It reminds me of that famous quote by John F. Kennedy,

“Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.”

It’s actually much harder to do a short wedding speech than a long one which reminds me of another quote,

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” --Mark Twain

You have to have an opening and closing. You probably want to throw in a story and at least one piece of humor. And it all has to make sense. Please, please, please don’t apologize for how bad you are as soon as you stand up, which reminds me of yet another quote by Kin Hubbard,

“Why doesn't the fellow who says, "I'm no speechmaker," let it go at that instead of giving a demonstration?” hahaha I love that one.

Here’s a quick outline for a wedding speech:
Note: each one of the bullet points below could have many variations

· Opening – Could be comments about the lovely affair
· Comments about the bride and groom
· Story about your interactions with the bride, groom or both.
· Humor- Pick something that applies to them and is appropriate
· Closing – Something touching
· Toast – Brief and touching or funny

You’ll rarely be the hit of a wedding because of your wedding speech and rightfully so. The bride and groom are the stars. But poor preparation of your wedding speech certainly could make you the laughing stock.

Remember, you are going to perform your wedding speech live, but you’ll be on video forever. Take the time to prepare.

Tom Antion is a speech expert and author of Wedding Speeches This immediately downloadable e-book gives complete wedding speech instructions and etiquette along with 200 pieces of wedding speech humor. Article Submitted by That Article Guy

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